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Friday, March 13, 2015

Long Time, No Write

It's been quite awhile since I've written on my blog. I've learned a lot in the past couple of years of blogging and reading blogs and all that. I've learned one very, very important thing along the way.

I need to be myself.

I started reading lots and lots of blogs and I think I found some I really liked and then I started trying to write like those authors. Not on purpose really. But I was definitely doing it. So, I may start again and have a new goal of staying true to myself. :)

A lot has happened this school year, in particular, I moved up to 3rd grade. And let me tell you. I. love. it. A good friend told me a long time ago that, "Kids are kids. It doesn't matter how old they are."

That is so true. I was really nervous at the beginning of the year. I was really afraid they would see through my fear. But it has gone so well.

I do have to tell you something. Something that will make you hate me. I'm sorry.

I have seventeen kids. Yes. I know. Believe me. There was only one other year in my nearly 20 that I had so few kids. I'm here to tell you it makes a huge difference. Anyone that tries to tell us differently is just stupid. I used the s word. I'll blog more about my class another time when you're not so mad at me.

My family is doing so well! I have Cole who is 8 and a big ole 2nd grader now and Taylor and Brayden who are 4. They are going to be in PreK next year. I can't believe it.  Olivia is my step daughter who is 17. I can't believe she is going to graduate next year. Here are those sweeties.

I'm so proud of my sweet family. They bring me joy everyday!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! 

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