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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year almost!!!

Happy New Year!!! Thanks for sticking with me even though I've been away for a long time! I have a goal to come back and hopefully with me new MacBook Air, I will be up and running! I know!!!! Thanks so much to my mom and my hubby who went in together to buy me this computer I've been dreaming of! I am so eager to learn. I've been a Windows girl most of my life, so this will be all new, but I'm hoping my ipad will help my learning curve.

If any of you all have converted to a Mac, I'd love to hear your advice. I'm not sure what sort of word processing program I'm going to use, so that advice would be especially helpful.

 I've had a week off from school so far and it's really been a lot of fun. This next week will be more of a challenge because we won't have the holidays to keep us busy. But I'm thinking of a little midweek trip to grandma's, so that will break up the week. Not only did we have Christmas to celebrate last week, but also, my children got baptized!! It was wonderful and we did it two days before Christmas in hopes of keeping our family remembering the true meaning of Christmas. My sons are 6 and 2, so I don't know that that message broke through, but we will keep trying!!!

 I'm thinking of going up to school sometime this week although I already feel pretty good about the week we go back. My lesson plans are done, I just need to clean up some and get things organized for our next semester. The first week back we will be doing an author study unit on Jan Brett, but we are not going the read The Hat or The Mitten since my students have already studied those two in the library this year. So we'll be reading some other great stories like Berlioz the Bear and Hedgie's Surprise. Also Armadillo Rodeo which is one of my favorites.

If I can get myself together, I will try and get some things up to go with each of these books. Stay tuned and I hope you have a great New Year's Eve!!! If you're like me, you'll be at home in bed like every other night, but I'll be celebrating in my sleep!