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Monday, March 3, 2014

It's that time again….

My twins are just waking up from their nap. I love this time when I can listen to them interact with each other without any interference.  Right now they are acting like lions. :)

The weather is so crazy! It is sleeting right now, as it has been doing all day. Snow day #12, here we come. :(

I'm going to finish cleaning and sorting out the boys clothes that don't fit. This seems to be an ongoing process.

My Keurig machine is about my favorite thing on these cold days! I had no idea that apple cider was a choice since I don't drink coffee. I had never paid attention before. But when my friends let me in on this little secret, I had to have one!!! It's great for hot chocolate, too! And so convenient!!!!

At church, I was nominated by our pastor to be the head of the stewardship committee. I'm not really sure why, as I've got absolutely no experience in this area, but I was called to serve, so what can I do?? :) I'll be looking at other churches websites soon, so if you know of any great ones, please let me know!

Finally, the answer to my question that I will blog about in a few days. What do you think the answer is????

Join Farley's party if you blog! It's great fun!!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Test Prep

I've posted before about my dislike of some blogs that seem to be intended as only a place to market the products the blogger wants you to buy. BUT, (you knew it was coming, right?) I wanted to let you know I've updated my Test Prep document I made for TPT. I really only made this because I have had a hard time finding quality test prep online, which is where I get the majority of my lessons anymore.
So, I made this…

So if you teach first grade and are giving a standardized test soon and need to do some work in the area of capitalization and punctuation, I hope this helps you, if not, don't buy it. There. No more ads. :)

Our weather in Arkansas is CR-AAA-ZY! Yesterday, it was 60 degrees and my oldest son had his first soccer practice of the season. Today, there are ice pellets hitting my window as I'm typing this post. It looks like we probably won't go to school tomorrow which will be our 12th snow day!!! In my 17 years of teaching, we have never had this many snow days. I love having the little breaks but my goodness, we'll be going to school until the middle of June as it is now! Bye bye summer!

How is your weather???