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Sunday, September 2, 2012

An Alphabet Guessing Game!

So as we're getting school underway and with that Common Core, we are beginning the first unit Alphabet Books and the Children Who Read Them. I like this unit at the beginning of the year as a review of kindergarten for those students who need it.
Every year I read one of my faves, Q is for Duck. Are you familiar with this story?
I always read it after I've read several traditional ABC books such as Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Annie Bea and Chi Chi Dolores and all those other great ones that there are now. I save Q is for Duck for last and the kids LOVE it! Most of the letters they can guess the answer but there are a few that usually stump them. Then, after we've heard the story and discussed it, I let the students come up with their own idea. I tell the students they can use an idea from the story or they can come up with an idea of their own. I make a big deal about how great it is to come up with your own idea. But I like that it's safe for those kids who aren't really sure or aren't confident and challenges those kids who can come up with their own ideas. My students this year really impressed me! They came up with some great ideas! You could make this into a class book or put it on the wall or bulletin board. We have open house next week so I put them up in the hall. Because of that and because it's the beginning of the year, I went ahead and typed out the correct sentence and let the students glue it on to their paper AFTER they had written the story the "best that they could." I just told them I did that so everyone could see exactly how it should look. They were all okay with that. They turned out great! Here is how it looks on the wall and a couple of great ideas!
Aren't these great?! I loved their creativity! Yay!

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