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Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Linky

Happy Fifth of July!!!!

Are you as excited as I am?????

Yes, I love the 4th, I'm happy to celebrate our freedom, see friends and family, but honestly, I could do without the fireworks. I have three young boys. My main job is to keep them safe. Fireworks really test my ability to mother properly. Yes, I used mother as a verb. So what?! If you have young children, I bet a lot of you out there agree with me!

Anyway, I'm happy to be  linking up with Cara Carroll for her "Favorite Pins Friday" Linky. How fun! I've been pinning a lot lately, so I've got some stuff to share. First, if you've got some stuff to share, too, join Cara's link by clicking here.

As you may know, I'm moving into a new classroom this summer. As in, brand new. In a brand new, beautiful building. I'm so excited! And I'm thinking all about my decorations and a theme and all that.
The room is great, but it has a blue floor. BLUE. I'm not kidding. Here it is...

So, since I like bright colors, I'm thinking of going with a Rainbow theme. I've found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest, for sure.

My favorite idea is this from the Creative Juice blog...

I have got to put some sort of rainbow like this on my wall. My friend suggested using the "noodles" we use for floaties in the pool which I think is a great idea, I just don't know if I'll be able to find them in the bright colors that I want. Definitely going to look though.

I also love these decorative poms from Ramblings from the Sunshine State!

And I think this would be such a fun idea to do to my teacher desk! 
This idea came from Easy Homestead! Sooo cute!!!

And finally, I really like the glass balls filled with tissue paper from Hostess with the Mostess! Luckily, Hobby Lobby already has their Christmas stuff out, so these shouldn't be too hard to find!

What do you think???? I would love some input! Do you think these ideas are too girly? 
Will first grade boys like it?

I hope you pinned some great ideas this week, too!!!


  1. I am so excited that you have a brand new classroom to decorate! How fun!! The rainbow theme will be so much fun to work with! Happy to be your newest follower!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. Well, your new classroom will certainly be colorful! I bet the kids will love it!


  3. I LOVE that blue floor!
    Your rainbow theme is going to be so pretty, Jenny!


Thanks for the comments!