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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Outbreak and Berlioz Freebie

Hi there! How are you? Are you staying away from that nasty flu?!?!?! Unfortunately it has struck our house and it has actually caused the pneumonia I had in December to flare up again. Yuck! I think it's a rather mild case, but it just doesn't want to go away!!! I wish you all good health and nice weather so we can all get outside and away from each others germs!

So I wrote a week or so ago claiming I'd have a freebie for ya and it's taken me awhile but I finally got it posted to TPT! It's not much, but eventually I hope to get a bigger pack together. This was just something I whipped up really quick!

We are focusing on Common Core Standard RL1.4 Identify words and phrases in stories or poems that suggest feelings or appeal to the senses. So I'm incorporating this into my week of  Jan Brett read alouds. We're starting the week with Berlioz the Bear and before I read the story we will talk about music and how it makes us feel. To access prior knowledge (apk as we affectionately refer to it) I'll show a picture of an ipod and discuss what it is, what they're for, who has one, who'd like one, etc. We are not affluent by any means at my school, but it's amazing what these kids already know about whether they can afford one or not.

I've included the pic of the ipods in my freebie, but you could always just google the image and show it.

Then, I'll read Berlioz aloud, pointing out any of the words that generate any feelings that I have as we read the story. After the story we'll discuss the feeling words and jot them on a chart.

Finally, the students will listen to "Flight of the Bumblebee" and the students will draw how the music makes them feel as they listen.

You can head on over to TPT and download the freebie here. It's generic, but I hope it helps you out. Leave me a comment if you download it and any suggestions you might have. I'm still learning my new Mac, but I've discovered Pages and I think it might be the program I've been looking for!!!!

Stay well!!!!