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Monday, June 2, 2014

June Currently...

I hope your day is winding down nicely. Mine is. I just enjoyed some brownies with ice cream and caramel on top. Not too shabby!!!

And I just finished my June Currently.... If you have a blog, link up with Farley!

Listening....all I can hear is the noise maker in the twins room. yes, they're three and a half and they still need/want the noise maker on. Probably need to break that habit this summer. So happy they're all asleep before nine o'clock. 1 point for mom...

Loving...four more days! I can do it!!!!

Thinking....My son has a lot of baseball to play this weekend, three games for sure, more if he wins. Can you say weekend at the ballpark?!

Wanting...I'm moving up from first grade. As I put it to my principal, I've taught first for 13 years. For half of those years, I had no children and it was great. But now, I have three young boys at home....and I can only answer so many questions in a day.....and I've already answered 200 by 7:30. I just don't have the energy... I'm hoping to move up to third but my principal isn't sure yet. I think/hope she'll let me know by Friday!!!

Needing...Oh, you know the drill...I need to write the comments and insert attendance...then I'm done!!!

Bucket List...1. Legoland-Definite because we're going to visit my brother in Dallas and we'll go while we're there.
2. Use the Whole Pool Pass-We have an awesome new aquatic park but the twins were only two last summer and they didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped so we paid like $40 for a pass we never. even. used.    sickening   But not so sickening that we didn't buy another pass this summer.
3. I have GOT to get in some adult time this summer. I love my boys to pieces but my sanity requires some time with my friends...oh yeah, and some time with my husband might be nice, too.

Ok, go link up...or not. Whatever. :)


  1. I remember when my kiddos were little. I loved that time when they went to bed and finally fell asleep. Peace and quiet is nice for awhile. We have ballgames this week too and we are expecting rain too. Maybe we'll both get our wish and it will stop raining long enough so they can play. Hopefully you hear the news you want for next year. Good luck on your last few days of school!
    Fourth and Goal in Fourth Grade

  2. Rain??? Here in California we could use some rain big time!! Where do you live? Good luck with your last few days of school!



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