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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Trying!

Well, here it is, almost President's day and I have not done a very good job keeping up with this blog but no more! I am going to do better. Hopefully, I'll get a few of you followers out there and you'll keep me motivated to stick with it!
I was hoping to get some President's Day activities posted soon, but I'm doubting it's going to happen. Last week, first grade at my school began the unit American Contributions, based on the Common Core Standards.  I began the study with my class on Abraham Lincoln and will continue with him this week.  The students really enjoyed reading the story, Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln.  This book does a great job helping the students relate to Abe in a real way. It is quite long, so we had to read it over several days. It is also brings to light the facts that his baby brother died as well as his mom. Quite sad, but they were sympathetic toward Abe which was good.  I got the typical questions from the kids: Is he our president now?  Is he still alive? Who is our president? We discussed all those issues and I showed them a picture of President Obama which reminded most of them they already knew him. That's good! Next week I plan on reading Abe Lincoln's Hat and Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers. I also plan on having the students make a timeline of Lincoln's life. To introduce time lines, I made one of my life with pictures and all. They really enjoyed seeing my timeline and it inspired me to have the students make their own little timeline. I'm hoping their parents will help with this.  I'll let you know how this goes.  What are you doing for President's Day??

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