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Friday, April 27, 2012

Fairy Tales

Hi, 8 followers! I'm so excited that you all are here and my, you all are such a helpful bunch! I love it! I'm learning as I go. My latest question is how do you all get those cute banners at the top where your blog name is? I have a friend trying to help me, but I wondered if it was something I could do myself?!

We have been studying fairy tales the past few weeks in my room and I thought I'd share some of that with you. Most all the things I've done, I've completely borrowed (stolen) from other blogs I've stalked and gotten from pinterest. You can link up to my pinterest page here and see many of these things first hand. (Aren't you impressed with my link?)

We started by reading and studying Cinderella. We use the Common Core units in my district and our last language arts unit is "Around the World in a Glass Slipper." it focuses on many Cinderella stories from around the world and works well to incorporate our Social Studies standards: knowing the continents and oceans. I read the traditional story first.
We discussed all the story elements and focused on characters, the good characters and the villain. We made a chart with the story elements from this book, as well as some of the other Cinderella stories I read,

 and   .
The students loved hearing the different stories and comparing their story elements. They also wrote about their favorite version of the story.
Now, I have the notetaking page we used, but I'm not sure how to put it on here. Do any of y'all wanna help me out here?! I appreciate you!!!


  1. Hey you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and WELCOME to blogging - it's SOOOOOOOO much fun! :) We are switching to the Common Core Standards this next school year...will be interested in reading your blog for ideas!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. Hi Jenny! Thanks for stopping by my blog...now I'm your newest follower!

    About the banner, I got mine for free at Cutest Blog on the Block. They have LOTS of free templates! I really wanted to have one designed for me, but just can't seem to take the leap...yet :) I just learn how to do everything I want through Google!


    1. Thanks for the tip...and for following!!!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging! I'm your newest follower. :-)

    First Grade Delight


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