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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I've been hacked!!!

I totally had a different post in mind for today, which included a mother's day freebie which I will get to. So I'm innocently checking my emails today when I spot one from walmart.com regarding my recent purchase. Well, I must tell you the truth. My first thought was YES!!!! I love recent purchases!!! But that was quickly ruined by my second thought which was But I haven't made any recent purchases. So my third thought was, My sweet husband bought me something for mother's day! But that was quickly ruined by But he wouldn't order anything online. He's a buy the day before, kind of guy. So my last thought was OMG someone get into my account. And sure enough, someone had. They tried to buy two cameras which added up to over 600.00, using my credit card. Luckily, walmart cancelled the order on their own and then my credit card company called and said there were two questionable transactions on my account. The first was this attempted purchase to walmart.com. The second? It was for $3.40. To Teachers Pay Teachers! Ha!!! So my TPT purchase may have saved me because they thought why is this teacher buying something so little and then something so much!!! So Thank You, TPT, you may have saved me over $600! Isn't that funny in a horribly scary and violating kind of way?!

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  1. Oh my! Glad they caught it for you! Not only does TpT save you money for teaching materials and ideas, it also saves your money----literally!!!!! :P

    Rulin' the Roost


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