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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This Mama's Gotta Get Out!!!!

As a mother of three little boys, I have to get out of the house. Often. As much as possible.
People always make me laugh because they always comment, You're so amazing! I can't believe how you just go with all those boys. 

If you came over and lived with us for awhile, you'd see why. There's nothing amazing about it. It is the fact that I get tired of picking things up, watching things get destroyed, and hearing one cry because his brother pushedhimdownkickedhiminthefacepulledhisarmscreamedinhisear, etc.

Our first choice is to just go outside. We are blessed with a house with a great backyard with MANY toys to play with and even a field of cows and horses to look at behind it. And also a great driveway, which as a mom learns, is so important to riding, skating, bouncing, etc. But as it is still so cold and my poor twins seem to get ear infections when the wind blows too hard, we can't go out right now.

My regular indoor place to take them is Target. We honestly go there probably twice a week. At least. I love it and I love their family sized carts because obviously, I need one. This was us...

Cole is on the bottom because it is just waaaaaaaay too difficult for him to walk in the store. 

The child can run as fast as lightning, has placed as a 5 year old in our community half mile races, but walking in the store, that's asking too much. His legs hurrrrrt. He gets soooooo tired. 

So, since I needed room for my purchases and I wouldn't let him get into the basket, he chose to just lay down on the bottom of the cart. 

I have since gotten smarter though, and now we ride with one twin in the big seats with Cole and the other twin in the front of the basket, like where those less fortunate souls put their ONE child they take to the store with them. 

I remember those days. Don't worry. I don't wish I just had one child to take to the store. I wish I had NO children to take to the store!!! ;)

But obviously, Target is not the place to take them to get their energy out. I need to get them moving, running, bouncing. Whatever it takes to get them going. So, I'm thinking I may take them to a bouncy house place tomorrow after school. 

What do you think? Am I crazy? Will I regret it? Will this be the last I see of my children in one piece?

I think I'm going to have to do it. For my sanity and theirs. Wish me luck. 
Any last minute advice is appreciated. :)

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