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Sunday, May 25, 2014

10 Things

Well I've chosen to come back to blogging again to join Deanna Jump's link about plans for the summer! How fun is that?! Because with two whole weeks still left, I don't really want to think about school right now!!!! So here we go...

1. Spend some time with these cute guys...

And hopefully spend a lot of time sleeping in together.... kind of like this, although there wasn't a lot of sleep going on in this picture.  (The flash was really bright!) :)

2. Read read read!!!!

I really do love to read, but with the three in the above picture, I don't always have a lot of time for that. When I finally get everyone to bed, I am usually so wiped, that I just turn on the tv and veg before I go to sleep. Hopefully summer will give me some time to read these books...

The last book I really want to dive into for many reasons, but mainly because Timothy Shanahan was involved with it. Do you read his blog??? His can be quite controversial and I don't always agree with everything he says, but he sure makes me think! I want to read the 3-5 version but I couldn't find a pic of it. I think I may have a move in my future and I'm Excited!!!! More info later....


Oh yeah! We aren't going to the beach this year but we found out there's a Legoland in Dallas! Who knew?!  My brother lives there and the boys looooooooooooove their uncle (who is a 40 something bachelor) so we're going to invade his turf and show him some fun!!!!

4. Pool time!

5. Library for the boys

6, 7, and 8. Paint!

So, we've been in our house over 4 years now. Before we moved in, we got the living room, dining room, and kitchen painted, which was so great. Now, all these bedrooms that we skipped over are starting to show some wear. We started with my bedroom. I painted four walls a light gray and an accent wall that our bed is on, a dark gray. Then I got white bedding, working on white curtains and some turquoise accents. I'll post a pic if we ever get completely finished. This summer we're going to do our master bath, the boy's bath, and our guest bedroom. I'm tired already. But you can see why I counted this three times.

9. Maybe in-between take a mini vacay to visit friends in Florida. That would definitely be a child free trip, so it will depend on who's willing to keep my boys. Any takers????

10. And of course, work on my classroom!!! I love working on my classroom in the summer. I like to get it looking great before the kids come in and ruin it all the start of the new year!!!

What about you?! What are your great summer plans?!

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