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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Five for Friday

This time I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for 5 for Friday. A little late as always.

These 5 random things will be like this blog, some real life, some school life. :)

1. Day 1 of Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the weather is great so I told the hubby ( I really don't like it when people refer to their husband as the hubby, but it's easy, so I see why...) Anyhoo...I told him the one thing I HAD to do this weekend was get my toes done! It was mandatory. We had a full day, so it was literally a run to the shop for a quick soak and polish, but that's ok. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

The hubby said, "Purple? Really."

You better believe it! Spring is in the air and my toes needed to feel it! They remind me of Easter which makes me happy! I was going to get a mani, too, but I just didn't have time. They were busy at the nail place today and we had to get to the ball game, which brings me to #2.

2. Hog Baseball!!!!

You know I love my Hogs! They're even the inspiration to this blog design! (Thanks, Barbara!) Learn about that fabulous designer here, if your blog needs a new look.
I'm an Arkansas girl born and raised. I attended the U of Arkansas (even though I tried to go away. That's a whole other story I'll tell another time!) and my dad is about to retire after being a professor there for 40 YEARS! I really can't believe that!
So, I love my team and had to cheer on my hogs. We can even take all the boys as long as we keep feeding them the junk food, they're good. They lasted all nine innings today and our friend kept telling us how he couldn't believe how well behaved all 3 of our boys were. I'm a prideful mama. I've got some good boys. :)

3. Pattern Blocks

At school this week we began our Geometry unit and specifically our standard was 1.G.1 Distinguish between defining vs. non-defining attributes. So, we got out the good ol pattern blocks. I told them to make a flower. No more direction than that. These are some that they made...

I love the uniqueness. Then we sorted and graphed. I need some new material, people. Do any of you have some great pattern block lessons or any others to accomplish these Geometry standards? We just began this unit and will continue it for several more weeks. So any ideas you can give me will be appreciated! :)

4. Gardening

 With the weather being so nice, I just had to go get some flowers. I took the boys and we got some pretty flowers and got them planted fairly quickly. 

Funny thing. I got the boys some kid sized tools, a couple of shovels and a hoe. And that hoe I got, is really a perfect size for me to use, too. It was great! :) Who knew?!?!

5. Testing!!! Yuck.

So, we're on Spring Break this week, we'll be back one week, then it's time for First and Second grade standardized testing. We take the ITBS. We've taken it for several years now. I actually created a little test prep document that you can find for a measly $1 on TPT. It practices the Language and Punctuation skills which are oh so confusing. Because of just finding the mistake in the sentence, they have to fill in the bubble next to the LINE that CONTAINS the mistake. Anyway, go pick that up if you need some Test Prep practice when you get back. :)

That's it! Hope to hear from you soon!!!


  1. I need to get a pedicure too! I threw on sandals last week to run an errand and was hoping no one would look at my feet!

  2. I'm super jealous of your pedi...I love the color!! I've got to squeeze one in soon. :) I popped over from Doodle Bugs Friday Five linky!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  3. My husband would have said exactly the same thing, lol!

    That picture made my day! I live in Florida now, but I was a Diamond Doll in my days in Fayetteville. That brings back memories!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans


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