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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 7! Woo hoo!!!

Okay y'all, this is it! I've finished the Daily 5! The D5. I can write that now since I've read the book now. Well, the D5 has taught me a lot and I must say I am so excited to get started with it!

You know, I remember the days before I had my own children when I just was so upset when the summer was over. No more time to stay up late, lay out at the pool or the lake, go out with friends...
Since none of that happens anymore (ok, I did out at the pool like 3 times this summer when my kids were at Mother's Day Out) for the most part, I'm not nearly as upset when summer is over. Don't get me wrong, it is so nice to have time in the mornings to do things without having to be out of the house so early and to be able to run errands as the need arises, but I won't be shedding the tears I used to shed.

Anywho....I digress... So this chapter kind of sums everything up and gives some troubleshooting ideas. Now that I know what each component is, I feel like I need to go back and read the book again. I do have a lot of questions. Maybe you all can help... And if these questions have been answered in previous posts, I'm sorry. Cut me some slack. I took my kids in the car today and when we got where we were going, I saw I hadn't put on their shoes. That's just a day in my life, people.

1. Will I have a workboard? What does it look like?

2. What about other centers/stations? I've heard of people adding a few. Should I do that and if so, THEN what does the workboard look like?

3. I'm planning my schedule and I was thinking of having a Comprehension focus less, then word work/vocabulary, then writing, then Accuracy...Is that okay? Or will the D5 Police come and arrest me?

Any other comments are soooo appreciated! I loved doing this book study! What're we doing next?


  1. I've just finished reading The Daily 5 too and am excited about using it this year! It'll be interesting to see what answers you get to some of these questions because I've got a lot of them swirling around in my brain too, lol!

    Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties

  2. Great post as I think we all have lots of questions! As far as adding centers, I added computer center that they were able to use after listen to reading. I am thinking of having this center stand on its own this year as I am planning on splitting the reading and writing centers. You can read more about it in my post:)

    The Resourceful Apple


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